Design and Installation of European Masonry Heaters

Based in Jackson, MI we are a full service design studio and installer to help you install custom European masonry heaters.

About Masonry Heaters

Why are Masonry Heaters the gold standard in Europe? Why are they made of ceramic tile instead of metal?

Clean Wood Heat

A natural solution to clean, renewable energy

Custom Designed

Our Modern and Traditional Masonry Heaters can be custom designed for your space and style.

A Bold Centerpiece

A beautiful warm fire you can cozy up to.

Soft Colors

Contemporary European designs

Traditional Detail

Intricate detail with traditional tiles

Contact us to discuss your project or answer any questions.

Masonry Heaters come in many sizes, shapes and styles.  Let me help you understand your design options, why you should consider one and how to incorporate them into your homes heating comfort.